Random Affiliate Marketing Terms and Phrases [Part 1]


affiliate marketing for newbies


Hey guys, here are some common terms and phrases we encounter in the Affiliate Marketing universe. Hope this helps you in all your affiliate marketing strategies! Let us know if you have some comments or questions.

freelance affiliate marketing jobs online – this refers to affiliate marketing tasks or jobs that can be accomplished online by freelancers who are skilled in marketing in general and affiliate marketing in particular

lead generation – it is the production of contact information of a business or a customer usually from sources like telemarketing, online advertising, web forms, inbound phone calls, etc. The objective of lead generation is to funnel qualified contacts further into the sales process

traffic expert – someone skilled at directing huge amount of site visitors for a specific website/webpage.

targeted traffic – site visits that are genuinely interested in what the website has to offer

internet marketing niche – a very specific target market, it is quite unique and sometimes a very challenging target market to attack from a digital marketer’s perspective

affiliate links – let’s check with webopedia what it means: Affiliate Links

affiliate programs – examples include clickbank.com, Amazon Associates, Google Adsense, etc.

affiliate sites – again, clickbank.com just as an example

affiliate seo tool – there are lots of these tools out there, use Google and you’ll find a lot of fishes but finding the big fish might be hard to do

Let’s tackle the following keywords next meeting. That’s all folks!


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