Be our Global Agent in!

We are recruiting global partners who are willing to represent in helping students in their respective countries to study abroad for language training and also to find suitable accommodations. We provide great service to our providers and students and we also share incredible benefits to our agencies.

You can be a Global Partner of provided that you have the passion and are willing to be our marketing agent. We are now geared up in optimizing our website to achieve maximum traffic and we expect to be the top online destination for both language school providers and students alike. This means that being our official global agent is truly a lucrative business move and we are confident that your success is also our success!

Superb Commission Scheme

For every successful referral using your own unique URL, you will be getting a 3% commission out of the total order price that a student will book.

How It Works

–       Post our link in every activity you do in the internet

–       Can target the market worldwide through social networking (blogs, twitter, Facebook, websites and etc.)

–       Agent will have its own URL for the partner code (e.g.

–       Can cash up unlimited commissions

–       Once the student books and pay, global partners can check in their Admin webpage and the benefits they can get.

Registration Information

In order to jump start your partnership with, just fill out the “Agent Application Form” so you can set up your online account where you can monitor your marketing statistics, referrals, and earnings.

After you sign up and activate your account, you will now be able to use you unique URL and start right away with marketing and cash up unlimited commissions later on!

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through:


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