Career Path: Welcome to Marketing!

In today’s fast-paced and ever progressing environment powered by mobile devices and ongoing business competition, people are looking for ways to profit from it. One of the best would probably be ‘Marketing’. But, have you ever thought of the effort people put in their craft just to have a stable career in Marketing? Marketing is no easy feat after all. You need to learn the nooks and crannies of the business industry, be updated with marketing trends, and find the best way to attract your ‘Target Market’.

Everybody starts from scratch. All you need is the right starting point to construct your own knowledge block. The great thing about marketing is its diversity when it comes to the industry; the potential you develop is limitless. But first let me enlighten you of possible career tracks to choose from in Marketing.

  • Market Research

– Marketing that focuses in collecting valuable information whether the proposed product or services has a market or not. In this field of Marketing, you will have to gather, analyze and interpret the information about possible the ‘Target Market’; research into their characteristics, spending habits, interest, general demographic, and etc., This will  give you a good insight about potential clients’ wants/needs.

  • Brand Management

– Brand management is a communication function in marketing that includes analysis and planning on how that brand is positioned in the market. Developing a good relationship with the target market is essential for brand management. –Wikipedia

Have you heard about ‘McDonald’s making America Fat’ jokes? Though their brand already has a good position in the market, the fact that these jokes appears to be true really hit them hard. Because of this, they decided to ‘re-brand’. Now, as a result of their campaign to win back America they have successfully climbed back to the top again by changing the unhealthy menus with foods that are packed with vegetables and enhanced their customer services.

  • Advertising

– A marketing function that even amateurs are familiar. The primary objective of advertising is to sell products or services. You have to attract clients to your enterprise and enhance its value for the consumers’ eyes. In the Advertising career, you not only work with one area but also in all aspects of marketing. Most common advertising strategies are web banner ads, newspaper and magazine displays, and Billboard commercials.

  • Promotions

– Similar to Advertising in objectives but differs on the time frame. Promotions mostly, if not all, are short-term engagement like giving coupons, discount sales, sweepstakes, endorsement, etc., as a form of incentive if consumers avail certain products or services you offer. To have it as a career, one must have a creative mind in procuring effective programs to entice more consumers.

  • Public Relation

– There’s a saying in the business world “Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for” What does it mean? Well, if you can control how consumers see you in the paid Advertising; chances are they will buy your products more. If done right, it can increase your brands’ credibility to the public through third-party articles or endorsement by independent media experts.

After taking consideration what type of marketing career suits you best, the following step would be to educate yourself. Doing marketing with zero experience is a big NO-NO, aside from being a hindrance to the company, your lack of knowledge of how Marketing works will interfere with regular business proceedings.

Though online learning has become common a ground for learning nowadays, traditional learning would still the best. Learning online will give you snippets of the things you need to learn in marketing but will give you no ground for practice and implementation. It is best to enroll in a marketing school with a credible background and offers courses for sales techniques, consumer behavior, promotional campaigns, etc.; you can also attend seminars near you, and seek advice from marketing experts you personally know.

Marketing may seem tiresome to learn, but try asking successful marketers on how fulfilling it was to succeed in a project or how a challenge made them give it their best and forced them to their limits. You can’t expect to achieve anything if you don’t take risks.

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