Study French in France | French courses – Affordable Prices Guaranteed!

Language Courses and Accommodation Services Worldwide

Passionate about French?, want to speak French like a native?, or just out of interest you want to add another language in your vocabulary?, Book now in one of our French  Language Schools in France and choose different French language courses that suites your wants and need!

 Available French courses in France:

General French (General course)
General French + Conversation (General course)
French + Cooking (Pleasure course)
Standard Course Cultural / Linguistic Workshops (Pleasure course)
French Immersion Programs (Pleasure course)
French For Juniors (Pleasure course)
Combined Course – French with other Languages (Pleasure course)
French Exam Preparation (Study course)
Business French (Work course)
French + Medical (Work course)

Schools to learn French in France w/ their locations:

~~Chamonix, France [ Insted – Institute of Foreign Education ]
~~Paris, France [ L’Atelier 9 ]
~~Montpellier, France [ LSFMontpellier ] [ Ecole Klesse Montpellier ] [ A2B Immersions ] [ Accent Français

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