What comes to Your mind when you hear the word spain?

In mere mentioning of the word Spain, there would probably be three words that you could think of. Alluring, Traditional, and Snacks.

  • Alluring. Aside from having the best beaches for summer, Spain is more fascinating than that, for they also happen to be loaded with fiestas all year round; varying from being grand, modest, religious, to just plain silly, they just like enjoying good life. Who could possibly hate that, right?


  • Traditional. The most popular and oldest traditions in Spain are Flamenco dance and Bullfighting. Nobody doesn’t know what Flamenco is. The dance has a famous trademark of wearing a red/black dress that often symbolizes fire, wildness, and passion when dancing.  Bullfighting on the other hand is a tradition that should not be missed; it involves a great matador with red bandana and a single bull charging in. The cultural thrill it will bring you can be a little overwhelming but also very gratifying.


  • Snacks. Don’t forget the Gourmet snacks. The most mouthwatering example of their renowned snacks is Churros – eaten plain, rolled in cinnamon sugar or dipped in luxurious thick hot chocolate (my favorite), are sweet and crunchy deep-fried sticks of dough. Here’s a picture for you to drool xD

Visiting Spain just to learn the culture difference between yours and theirs is not exaggerating. Spain is a magnificent place with history, it’s not surprising to show such interest to their culture. Language barrier is nothing; Studybooking.com can provide you language schools to enroll, varying from conversational Spanish to extensive Spanish. Here is the list of our available language schools in Spain:

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Credit to:

ALKO by freeimage.com – (Featured image)

MRDISASTER by freeimage.com -(Bull fight)

KLSA12 by freeimage.com – (Beach Image)


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