8 Enthralling Reasons on Why to Visit Ireland!

Ireland is a beloved country worldwide because of its rich history and it gives you a first hand experience with enchanting and magical places.  At the same time, you get to understand their state-of-the-art culture. If you like traveling, Ireland is a can’t-miss country! Voted by Frommers Guide readers in 2011 as their favorite holiday destination in the world, it’s now your turn to uncover the mystique and charm of the ‘Emerald Isle’.

  1. Their Prolific History and Culture “Castles Are Everywhere!”

-The thing about Ireland is that everywhere you go, you can find castles. If you are fond of history, Kings and Princesses & Dungeons and Dragons, Ireland is the perfect place for you to visit castles. There are 340 castles that can be found in Ireland. Wow!


  1. The People

-When you go to Ireland, you’ll get a warm welcome from the people there. They are very friendly, interesting, outgoing and super fun. You can easily engage in conversations with them and at the same time make new friends.


  1. St. Patrick’s Day and many more holidays!

-Wanna party? So do the people in Ireland. Every year they have over 400 festivals and one of the most anticipated festivals in Ireland is the worldwide celebration of the St. Patrick’s Day. Parades, expressive costumes, street theatres, and a lively carnival atmosphere will leave you wanting for more.

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  1. Experience the Pub Culture

-Guinness is one of the finest beverages on Earth. That’s why 10 million glasses are sold every day around the world, making for over 850 million litres sold a year — enough to fill 340 Olympic-sized swimming pools with foamy deliciousness. So when you arrive in Ireland, don’t miss the chance to experience this world famous drink.

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  1. Dublin

– Who wouldn’t want to visit this beautiful city? A bustling metropolis alive with entertaining cultural pursuits, fine museums, beautiful architecture and lively pubs. Dublin offers something for everyone.


  1. The Beaches

-And if you are planning to visit around summer time, Ireland will give you an experience of a lifetime with their beautiful beaches. A tasty drink under the sun would be perfect.


  1. The Giant Causeway

-One of the wondrous work of nature that you can find when visiting Ireland is the Giant Causeway that can be found in the Northern part. This Giant Causeway has an area of 400,000 basalt columns. Yes, you read it right. 400,000 columns of basalt! In Ireland legends it’s been said that Finn McCool, a beloved Irish giant, built the causeway to pick a fight with a Scottish giant. But sciencetists says that they were actually formed by an ancient volcanic eruption.


  1. Food! Food! Food!

-Others would say that Irish food is only based on potatoes (everyone’s favorite), think again. Traditional dishes such as Irish stew, soda bread, farmhouse cheese, and colcannon (cabbage/kale and potatoes) are still on the menu plus, the new wave of Irish cooking focuses on fresh, locally grown ingredients and the catch of the day.


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