Minions’ Language: DECODED!

Every one of us loves the Despicable Me Minions. But have you ever wondered about their language? It suddenly occurred to me if the language that the Minions speak has a meaning or if what they are saying just complete gibberish? Or do they speak a real language?

Minions communicate through actions and not words. Their language sounds nonsense, but the truth is that they are really communicating and that’s what makes it funny and entertaining! But the languages that they use are actually just pretty basic. They express themselves in a strange chatter combined with various languages all over the world such as Spanish, English, French, and Italian with additional elements of Russian and Korean. They call it “Minionese”.

For example, English words such as “Banana”, “Potato” and “Bapples” – basically its “Apple” with “B”.


Russian words such as “Da” which means “Yes”.


And Korean words such as “Hana” (One), “Dul”(Two), “Sae”(Three).


As well as Spanish words like “para tú” which means “for you”,


and “la boda” that means “marriage”.


Most of the words they say are actually different names of foods. For example, “poulet tikka masala” is a French language for the chicken dish.


The beauty of the Minions is in how they incorporate these different languages into something that they all can understand. It might seem that they are yammering whatever they want, but it is actually a well-structured sentence with the incorporation of the diverse languages that they know. Even when they sound silly, they still speak up using the languages that they have. It shows just how proud they are with their languages!

How about you? If the Minions can learn different languages, why can’t you? Learning another language is not impossible. You just need the dedication and perseverance to learn. For languages can be FUN as shown by the Minions!

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