Today, online advertising is rapidly taking over. Hundreds and millions of online advertisements are spread throughout a short amount of time. This revolutionary approach in publicity has made businesses to invest more on online advertisements, as we all now live in a world where tablets, personal computer’s, smartphones, and laptops are the means of everyday communication. Connecting to the internet is easier than ever and E-mails sent everyday reach up to billions.

We at are currently recruiting Global Partners who are willing to represent us. Our goal at is to give students the chance to learn another language for affordable prices. We believe that learning a second language should not be costly for the student. That is why we have formed a partnership with different language schools that, not only teaches with quality, but also gives discounts to students. These makes it easier for students to enroll to a language school that they want and not worry about how much it will cost them.

You can be a Global Partner of provided that you have the passion and are willing to be our marketing agent. We are now geared up in optimizing our website to achieve maximum traffic and we expect to be the top online destination for both language school providers and students alike. This means that being our official global agent is truly a worthwhile business move and we are optimistic that your success is also our success!

Follow these easy steps to register:

Step1: Go to  and hit Sign Up.

Step2: Agree to the ‘Terms and Conditions for Member use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’. To show your agreement, check the corresponding boxes.

Step3: Fill in your Information asked in the menu.
Note: Partner Code: (Example: Barcelona. This is to generate your unique agent code, it is primarily used in tracking down the responsible agents who attracted customers/students in booking with us and where your commission will be based on.)

Step4: Log in using your new ID and Password and start earning!

Please click this link for our business proposal for you to review and study.

As a Global Agent/Partner of, you are entitled to 3% commission per successful client booking. This can be achieved through effective marketing strategy by utilizing the market conditions in your area and by using social networking sites as a primary tool to acquire potential clients to use our website for easy booking of language courses and accommodations available worldwide.

For more details visit our website or email us thru


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