It’s More Than Just a Language Course!

People around the world now seek to learn one or more foreign languages both for adaptability and for personal growth. People study second / foreign language to be able to communicate with other people maybe because they plan to visit a foreign country, get to know more foreign friends or probably it is a requirement for study, or work

Surveys show that the top 10 foreign languages learned worldwide are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Arabic, and Portuguese. However, depending on the nationality of the student studying a second/foreign language, other interesting languages include Thai, Korean, Greek, Latin, Turkish, Danish and many more.

In this post, gives you a peek at the various language course offerings of their language school providers worldwide. Aside from being able to visit foreign land upon study, will give you an idea that learning a new language is really more than just a language course!

Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo

Private language school, Hanazono Building, Shinjuku 5-17-6, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Plus Culture

26 lessons per week – Materials Included

Course Description: In this course you will take 20 lessons of standard Japanese per week, as well as 3 cultural activities. You can choose each week between traditional or pop culture activities. Traditional culture activities include tea ceremony, pottery, calligraphy, kimono wearing, and much much more. Pop Culture activities include drawing manga, visiting a maid cafe, dressing up as your favorite characters, and many others! For more information, visit

Quito Antiguo Spanish School

Private language school, Venezuela and Olmedo, Quito Old Town,Venezuela, Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

General Spanish

22 lessons per week – FREE Admin Fee and 34% off

Session 1 – Normal Classes

20 lessons per week

Hours  09:00 ~ 13:00   Lesson Duration         60 minutes

Session 2 – Cooking Class: Ecuadorian Dishes

1 lesson per week

Hours  13:00 ~ 14:00   Lesson Duration         60 minutes

Session 3 – Salsa Class

1 lesson per week

Hours  17:00 ~ 18:00   Lesson Duration         60 minutes

Course Description: There will be a private teacher per student. Our classes focus on conversation, so you could practice your knowledge while travelling, and for sure you will have a much better experience. Our classes have also different activities like cooking and salsa dance, so you will not get bored at all, while learning the language aspect. All materials are included. We also provide information about the country, so you can have a better experience during your stay. For more information visit

MTM Academy

Private language school, MTM Academy, Cotcot Liloan, Cebu City, Philippines,Cotcot, Liloan, Central Visayas, Philippines

English for Juniors

53 lessons per week – 25% OFF

Session 1 – English

50 lessons per week

Hours  08:00 ~ 17:00   Lesson Duration         50 minutes

Session 2 – Mathematics or Swimming

3 lessons per week

Hours  17:00 ~ 18:00   Lesson Duration         60 minutes

Course Description: MTM provides a daily life and class care system which is very suitable to manage life and study from waking up until the evening rest. This course is composed of (4) one on one classes, (2) small group classes, (2) big group classes, (1) Vocabulary class, (1) Book report with an Optional Swimming or Math class. For more information visit

SN Mandarin Chinese School Shanghai

Private language school affiliated with a university or college, 中国上海市上海虹口区东体育会路119弄3号 No.2271, West Zhongshan Road, Shanghai, China

Business Chinese(Mandarin)

9 lessons per week – 15% OFF + FREE Admin Fee

We have designed a unique program that allows you to learn Chinese while learning about China’s dynamic business environment. This program will give you exposure to doing business in today’s China, and prepare you for your own ventures. Language courses (available for all levels) will be provided three days a week, and various business and cultural experiences will be arranged. Sample events include the following:

  • Business culture workshops and lectures (e.g., business etiquette, etc)
  • Business networking
  • Business trips to meaningful destinations – e.g.,
  • Yiwu (consumer goods manufacturing)
  • Taizhou (machine manufacturing)
  • Wenzhou (housing bubble)
  • Business expositions

Chinese courses cover the four basic building blocks of language: understanding, speaking, reading, and writing. You will gain insight into China’s business environment and business practices. Business etiquette and practices will be taught through cultural lessons and company visits. In order to truly experience working in China, we also provide internship (paid and unpaid) matching and placement services. For more information visit

Hutong School

Private language school, Beijing, China Zhongyu Plaza, room 1501, 15th floor, A6 Gongti Beilu,100027 Chaoyang District, Beijing

General Chinese(Mandarin)

20 lessons per week – 10% OFF + FREE Admin fee

Course Description: Our Intensive Chinese Program in Beijing and Shanghai includes the following services:

  • 20 hours of group Chinese classes per week (or 10 hours per week of private lessons if there is no group available at your level)
  • Accommodation in a shared apartment (with your own bedroom) in Beijing or Shanghai (all utilities included)
  • Organization of cultural activities 2-3 times per week (e.g. tea ceremonies, taichi lessons, kung fu shows, trips to the Great Wall, excursions in and around the city…)
  • Practical assistance while here in China (including airport pickup, visa assistance, 24/7 support)
  • 6 months subscription to Skritter (the best online app to study Chinese characters)
  • City Orientation (brief presentation of China, the city and our services) and welcome pack

The prices include all the above-mentioned service. The longer the program is, the lower the monthly and weekly price is. For more information visit


Private language school, 126 Route de Rochebrune, 74120 Megève, France

French Vacation Camp

15 lessons per week – 15% OFF – materials included

During the Fun camp you will…

Follow an intensive academic program (in the morning):

Three one-hour lessons daily for the intensive acquisition or refinement of English or French, as a foreign language. We divide the campers into groups of no more than eight per class based on the level of language skills. We use a variety of resources in the classroom (theatre, role-playing, interactive whiteboards).

Take part in your favorite sports:

Swimming, ice skating, crazy golf, hiking with dogs, rafting, fishing, climbing, summer bobsleigh, adventure park in the trees, games, hiking in the low mountains.

Optional one week program : tennis or golf lessons

Discover new artistic activities:

Theatre, arts & crafts, drawing, painting, dance, film-making


Discover a rich program of excursions.

Climb to the top of the ‘Mer de Glace’ (Sea of Ice) in Chamonix by funicular railway. The Mer de Glace is one of the most important sites in the valley of Chamonix. It is the largest glacier in France (7 km long and 200m deep). The funicular railway departs from Chamonix and makes its way up the sides of the Aiguilles de Chamonix to an altitude of 1913 m.

Visit Annecy and its lake: tour the historic town of Annecy and experience its beautiful canals and blue-green lake. Annecy is known as ‘The Venice of the Alps’!


The last day of camp is dedicated to the presentation of a big theatrical production, the culmination of the theatre and dance workshops. Parents are welcome to attend the show, which takes place in an outside arena in front of the Tourist Office in Megève.

The last night is reserved for the disco, where the children can dance while enjoying their non-alcoholic beverages! For more information visit



I Love IT School

  • IT (language / art course) – You will learn Italian language, its grammar and expressions through the art of Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Leonardo. You will have the opportunity of discovering the meaning of their works.
  • IT (language / cooking course) – Recipes, flavors, aromas of Italian cuisine represent the means to learn Italian language: recipe after recipe, dish after dish ,time after time you will speak and create meals like a real Italian cook!
  • It (language fashion course) – You will learn Italian language through the lives and creations of the designers who have made Italian fashion unique and famous.


  • Cooking, Wine and Italian Language Course (GK) – Scuola Palazzo Malvisi in cooperation with the Restaurant Osteria del Teatro, offers you the possibility to combine a language course with a cooking and wine course.


  • Hiking in Sicily – Italian Language Course with a Hiking Course
  • PADI International diving licence – Italian Language Course with Diving Course

More language courses are available for viewing and booking at You may view various language courses from various language providers worldwide with best deals and great discounts including inviting accommodation offers! Visit us at


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