Learn German Language Abroad – Start Speaking with Confidence‎!

There are about 100 million people in Europe who speaks German as their mother tongue and another 55 million people speaks German as a foreign language. Therefore, German is one of the most prominent and significant languages in Europe and also one of the official languages of the European Union. German is the official language in Germany and Austria.

Enroll a German Course on our accredited German language schools abroad and discover their culture!


Everything you need to learn German language abroad! Check the list below:





The German School Phoenix is a great place in Phoenix when learning German or continuing your German studies outside of a degree granting institution. German School Phoenix, established in 1999, offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced German classes for adults and children in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. If you are not sure which class you should choose you are welcome to try out one class. Teachers are happy to talk with you and help.

USD 16 /per week price (Course Only)


INNES Institute Vienna


INNES Institute Vienna offers quality German language courses for students, graduates and people who are exerienced learners, so the learning progression is very high. We organize courses for companies or institutions like Vienna University of Technology, Academy of Fine Arts as well as many international Universities and companies. Many diplomats living in Vienna and embassies are our customers too. We provide group courses and individual courses upon the needs of our clients in fields like: Business German, German for Architects, Engineers, Medicine and Legal German. We can develop curricula for other purposes, too.

USD 30 /per week price (Course Only)


Speakeasy Sprachzeug


From the start, the speakeasy language school in Berlin has held the belief that learning languages can be fun. That it can be exciting. That you can learn even better in a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere than in a drab setting that you often come across in some language schools. It’s said that if you pursue a dream with a passion, you’ll be successful: and thus the need for a place like the speakeasy language school.

USD 48 /per week price (Course Only)


German LanguageServices


esides the fact that German is the most widely spoken language in Europe it is inevitable to attain basic skills in this Language for people who intend to stay or work for a longer period of time in one of the German speaking countries according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) Levels A1 to C2 which are binding for all Schengen States from April 5th 2010.

USD 59 /per week price (Course Only)


GLCT I German Language Center Tabassam


GLCT is much more than just an ordinary language school. The students lie at the heart of our efforts. Be it in their study, in daily lifetime processes in Germany or in case of administrative barriers: We support and help our students in every situation of their life in Germany and solve problems that might occur. We are heartily focused on the wellbeing of our student, so that the feel as comfortable as possible during their stay in Germany.

USD 71 /per week price (Course Only)


ESZ Freiburg


For 20 years, since 1995 our language school has specialised in teaching German as a foreign language (DaF). Our classrooms are modern and provide an appealing learning environment. The School is situated in the old part of Freiburg close to the Martinstor in the historical Gerberau. Near the school are pubs, restaurants, cafes and it is easily reached using public transportation. There are numerous possibilities for shopping around and the wonderful Freiburg sights are easily accessible. The Albert-Ludwigs-University is also nearby.

USD 84 /per week price (Course Only)


AlphaSprachinstitut Austria


Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria is one of the leading language schools in Vienna. We organize intensive and evening courses, exam preparation as well as one-to-one training and in-company trainings.

USD 94 /per week price (Course Only)




BWS Germanlingua is committed to offering quality German language courses to foreigners in a pleasant environment that respects the values of each participant, with the aim of strengthening communication between different linguistic communities in the world. We do not only focus on teaching the German language, but also the German culture and costumes. Our staff and teachers will do their utmost to integrate every student and will always be happy to help and give advice also beyond teaching hours to make Germany your home away from home!

USD 103 /per week price (Course Only)


ADK AugsburgerDeutschkurse


ADK Augsburger Deutschkurse – that means learning German in one of the leading private institutes in Germany. We are a certified school. Being one of the most renowned and surely one of the oldest language schools in Augsburg (founded in 1963), ADK has specialized in teaching German as a foreign language right from the start.

USD 105 /per week price (Course Only)


TANDEM Köln-International language school


For more than 20 years TANDEM has been specialising in modern and successful language courses, as well as organizing language partnerships. You will find TANDEM in many interesting and attractive cities within Germany and worldwide – and of course also in Cologne! Our goal is to enable people from different backgrounds to meet and understand each other. ANDEM Köln is part of the TANDEM Network of language schools around the world supporting individual, autonomous language learning through partnership. Find out more about TANDEM International and our quality standards or get information about the German courses of the other language schools of TANDEM Germany.

USD 109 /per week price (Course Only)


Verbum Novum


Verbum Novum means in Latin “New Word” or “New Expression”. This contains already our activity and intention. We are an international travel operator specialized in organizing language travels to Germany for juniors and adults from all over the world, who learn German as a Foreign language and want to discover Germany with its magnificant castles.

Moreover the german language schools are situated in the nicest cities of Germany like Mainz/Wiesbaden, Munich, Bremen, Berlin and Nuremberg, where the course participants can enjoy not only the German training, but also discover the culture of the country and the inhabitants – and this is very important for developing the language feeling by learning culture, traditions and mentality of the people and country. In these all-day situations you will be able to learn new expressions and new words. All the language schools are located in university cities, what opens the opportunity for students, who want to study in Germany, to apply for the university in the same city, which already familiar to him/her. The head office of Verbum Novum is located in the wonderful city Mainz, Germany.

USD 110 /per week price (Course Only)


Tandem Hamburg International LanguageSchool


TANDEM Hamburg: German language courses in the city centre, close to historic Speicherstadt and the new Harbour City. We run Standard and Intensive Courses as well as Evening Classes all year through, accompanied by a cultural programme and – a TANDEM partner exchange, a fantastic method to increase your skills.

It may also be interesting for you, especially if you intend to work or study in Germany, that we are an accredited examination centre for both the TestDaF and the European language Certificates (TELC). Hamburg is Germany’s second city, and many say it’s also the nicest.

USD 112 /per week price (Course Only)


Alpha AktivLanguage School


Since our foundation in 2003, we have helped people from all over the world reach their aims in language studies. Our students value the familiar atmosphere of our courses, as well as our commitment to helping their daily lives. We know from experience how hard learning a new language can be. This helps us to provide our students with ideal support through every aspect of their foreign language learning process. With our help in accommodation, health insurance and visa application, together with our student advisory services, you can achieve what is really important: learning languages in the beautiful city of Heidelberg.

USD 161 /per week price (Course Only)


GoAcademy!Sprachcaffe Düsseldorf


Sprachcaffe Düsseldorf has been a central meeting point for language lovers from all over the world since 1990. We offer competent, interactive and lively language training in 32 languages by trained native speakers. The quality of our performance is certified by the TÜV Rheinland DIN ISO 9001:2008. Language study abroad and educational leave are possible through Sprachcaffe’s international network on five continents and in over 14 countries. Sprachcaffe is also a recognized Testing Centre for official language tests such as the TOEFL, LCCI, TOEIC, TELC and UCLES.

USD 204 /per week price (Course Only)




Beckley.Institute is globally recognized as a leader in learning and development solutions, offering Professional Development Training, courses in over 100 Languages and Mobile Learning programs internationally throughout the Americas, East Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia. With a dedicated team of professionals developing highly customized programs, Beckley.Institute features the most sought after training methodologies and techniques, and is proud to be associated with top international thinkers to successfully provide organizational change for over 2000 clients globally.

USD 250 /per week price (Course Only)




German home tuition in an amazing world cultural heritage town in Bavaria? Here you have it! We are a nice little German school located in Bamberg, Germany.

USD 1,004 /per week price (Course w/ Accommodation)


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