The Top and Best Spanish language schools in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Learning Spanish language abroad is the ideal form to learn and to improve your future career prospects and to find a good job in the companies, it can also help to get a deeper inside into Spanish culture and to gain friends from other country.

Find out the best Spanish Language Schools on the list below or thru this link:


Spanish By The River – Turrialba/ CostaRica

Our school was founded June 2002 and is located a little outside of the typically “Tico” town of Turrialba. In Turrialba you can find a few hotels, some restaurants, (pool) bars, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, discos, a cinema, swimming pools, banks, internet cafés, a post office and gyms. When coming from San José, 10 minutes before entering town, you take a left into “Barrio El Recreo” to enter the “Entrada de Chirraca” and arrive at our Spanish school, an oasis of peace and therefore a great place to study spanish and relax. At 850 meters, it seems a little less hot and more “tranquilo” than in downtown Turrialba.

USD 160 /per week price (Course Only)


Universal de Idiomas

Universal de Idiomas offers you a warm and friendly atmosphere, which makes learning very easy. At our school you get to know people from all over the world and our host families will show you the culture and society of the country. The school is located in the heart of San Jose, right where the action is. You will have access to countless restaurants, discotheques, museums and shops. San Jose is the ideal place of departure for trips throughout the country.

USD 190 /per week price (Course Only)


Academia Tica Spanish Language School -Coronado Campus

Academia Tica is proud to be one of the first Spanish schools in Costa Rica and one of the longest standing since 1986. We’re a Costa-Rican run business with finesse for quality. This has been recognized with an Instituto Cervantes Accredited Center certification, the most important qualification for schools that teach Spanish as a foreign language.

USD 200 /per week price (Course w/ Accommodation)


Amistad Institute

Amistad Institute is a Spanish language school and a volunteering programs organization with two campuses; one in Santa Bárbara de Heredia and one in Jacó Beach Puntarenas. We offer several language and volunteering options. Amistad Institute is an organization located in Heredia and Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. Amistad’s Founders have near 20 years experience in the language immersion and volunteer industry and collectively our National Office staff has experience in language training, volunteering for social development, non for profit administration, and tourism. All staff members have several years working with us, and understand the challenges that international students face while studying abroad. We are a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about offering Spanish language, volunteer and travel experiences in Costa Rica. Amistad offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for international students. Our Programs provide imagination, great experiences and the simple personal touch that everyone is looking for!

USD 200 /per week price (Course w/ Accommodation)


Academia Tica Spanish School – Jacó Beach

Academia Tica is proud to be one of the first Spanish schools in Costa Rica and one of the longest standing since 1986. We’re a Costa-Rican run business with finesse for quality. This has been recognized with an Instituto Cervantes Accredited Center certification, the most important qualification for schools that teach Spanish as a foreign language.

USD 220 /per week price (Course w/ Accommodation)


Intercultura Costa Rica Spanish Schools

Study Spanish in Costa Rica with Intercultura in 2 exciting locations- Historic Heredia or our Tropical Beachfront campus in Playa Sámara. Group classes start every Monday and run 4 hours a day for a total of 20 hours each week. Come for one week or several months; it’s up to you! Can’t decide which campus? Try them both! At Intercultura, we offer seamless Spanish studies between our two campuses. Included in the tuition are numerous extra-curricular activities as well such as Latin dance, Spanish movies, Cooking Class, yoga*, jewelry making* and more!

USD 234 /per week price (Course w/ Accommodation)


ILISA Instituto de Idiomas

ILISA was founded in Costa Rica, our mission was clear: to help you reach your learning goals by creating the ideal conditions in which to learn. Since that time, we have worked hard to exceed your expectations both in and outside the classroom. In 2013 ILISA expanded operations in Panama City to give you a new option in Central America, but always following the same philosophy than Costa Rica. We combine a highly motivated and well-trained staff, flexible and professional service with comfortable, well-equipped facilities and student-oriented approach to help you reach your goals. That’s why we are the only language school in Latin America to guarantee your satisfaction.

USD 240 /per week price (Course w/ Accommodation)


Instituto Estelar Bilingüe

Instituto Estelar Bilingüe, in Liberia, Costa Rica, is a fantastic choice for people wanting to immerse themselves in the culture and seriously study Spanish. We offer an exciting cultural and language experience! Stay with a local family and attend daily Spanish and culture classes (Latin dance, cooking, art, etc). Interact with our English students and make new friends. Enjoy our conversational classes with experienced, certified teachers. Our staff is very approachable and ready to help you with whatever you need. You can make a difference in the community through our volunteer programs. Liberia is a traditional, safe city with a backyard full of natural wonders to explore either on your own or in organized trips.

USD 252 /per week price (Course w/ Accommodation)


Academia Centroamericana De Español

Academia Centroamericana de Español (ACCE) is a Spanish School located in Grecia, Costa Rica. We specialise in Spanish immersion programs for students with all levels of the language. We are committed to offering the best learning experience by putting together a program that will allow you to learn Spanish, not only through academic excellence, but also through experiencing the rich culture of Costa Rica and Central America. We have several specialised programs, such a Spanish for Social Workers, and Medical Professionals. ACCE caters to the specific necessities of all group, also, serving as an organiser for all your touristic desires in beautiful Costa Rica.

USD 275 /per week price (Course Only)


Morpho Spanish School

Morpho Spanish School is a small language school located in the beautiful Orosi Valley, near Cartago, where we offer you a chance to learn Spanish using a simple yet effective method which will give you excellent results. Our teacher, Natalia, has more than ten years of experience teaching the language in an entertaining yet professional manner. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced, we have curses for everyone.

USD 325 /per week price (Course w/ Accommodation)


Academia Intercultural de Lenguas (AIL)

AiL is a small family owned business where we will make you feel welcome and at home right away. Our language school is located 10 minutes away from the Alajuela City Center and only 15 minutes from International Ariport Juan Santamría. Our well-equipped classrooms and dedicated teachers will make it very easy to you to learn Spanish while you enjoy the happiest country in the world!

USD 383 /per week price (Course w/ Accommodation)



We know that linguistic proficiency can only be achieved through absolute immersion and exposure to true cultural products. It is because of this that nothing would make us happier than to be given the opportunity to provide students with the chance to spend time in a foreign country, surrounded by an eager and friendly community. We also know this kind of experience will help people master a foreign language and will also expand their horizons, and enrich their lives.

USD 404 /per week price (Course w/ Accommodation)


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