About Us

StudyBooking.com is the ultimate destination for people seeking to learn new languages at any language school anywhere in the world!

Studybooking.com is your one stop site for booking language courses and/or accommodations worldwide. Our services cater to the learner’s desire to easily find and book language courses and accommodations at the best prices available. Students can search for courses based on the language they want to learn, the country they want to experience, the cost, class sizes, facilities and amenities, etc. Studybooking.com has a wide range of language courses and accommodations available to suit every student’s needs.

Studybooking.com only lists accredited language schools and reputable accommodations. We perform a thorough verification process on every school and accommodation listed for your peace of mind. You can feel safe and secure when booking with us!

Studybooking.com employs a unique payment system. Unlike other booking websites or agencies which require full payment in advance, we only charge the booking fee up front. Once booking is completed, the balance is paid directly to the school or accommodation based on their payment policies.

Any school that offers secondary language courses can register as a provider on Studybooking.com. We also accept listings for accommodations such as homestays, bed and breakfasts, hostels, hotels, and more, which cater to the traveling student. .(For registration Click HERE).

Check our Business Proposals for Providers and Global Agents/Partners for a possible partnership with us.

LANGUAGE SCHOOLS: http://www.studybooking.com/file/proposal/Studybooking.com_Biz_Proposal_for_Language_Schools.pdf

ACCOMMODATIONS: http://www.studybooking.com/file/proposal/Studybooking.com_Biz_Proposal_for_Accommodations.pdf

GLOBAL AGENTS/PARTNERS: http://www.studybooking.com/file/proposal/Studybooking.com_Biz_Proposal_for_Global_AgentsPartners.pdf

Registration is FREE and EASY! Visit our website for more details www.studybooking.com

Studybooking.com‘s main branch is located in Seoul, Korea. Customer Service Center is operated in Cebu, Philippines.

If you want to set your online business and want to work as an official agency partner of Studybooking.com, or; if you are a writer, an author, a blogger, an affiliate marketer, or a salesperson, you can be one of our Global Agents/Partners! Email us at marketing@studybooking.com. 

Please click on the following link to learn more:




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