Be a Global Agent/Partner worldwide!

Be Our Affiliate Marketer!

This is StudyBooking.coms secondary website. We would like to invite writers, affiliate marketers, bloggers, freelancers and online business savvy individuals to be our agents/partners! You can get a 3% commission for every successful client or referral from your own partner code/unique URL that will be assigned to you. Registration is always FREE and EASY. As a Global Agent/Partner you will have your own admin website to check your benefits anytime, anywhere! Read our message below to learn more!


Here’s more GOOD news for you! is an educational tourism website that is offering booking services to students and travelers worldwide. We have partnered with reputable Language Schools and Accommodation providers worldwide who enlisted their courses and accommodations with us to give students a wide range of options. We also help these students find the best language schools and accommodations that suit their wants and needs.

We Recruit Global Agents (Partners)!

We are recruiting Global Agents who are willing to represent as partner agencies of on helping students in their respective countries to study abroad for language training and also to find suitable accommodations. We provide great services to our providers and students and we also share the incredible benefits to our partners/agencies.

Benefits in partnering with us:

1.) Become your own boss.

  • How do you like working with no nagging and no actual work place involved? In, we give you the chance to be your own boss! You can set up your own time and place to operate and you can even recruit other interested agents and make them work under you!

We are now geared up in optimizing our website to achieve maximum traffic and we expect to be the top online destination for both language school providers and students alike. This means that being our official agency partner is truly a lucrative business move and we are confident that your success is also our success!

 2.) Newbie in Marketing? No worries!

  • We can give you both income and experience if you work with us. Earning your keep online can be difficult, especially with the tight competitions right now. What most newbies in marketing need is a solid platform to start their careers which we can help you with, provided that you have the passion and willingness to become our marketing agent.

3.) Superb Commission Scheme

  • For every successful referral using your own unique URL that we are going to assign to you, you will be getting a 3% commission out of the total order price that each student will pay.
  • How Commission Works:

You have to register as a Global agent first and create your own administrative account. During the registration, a unique partner code is generated that you will be using for promoting and marketing Once a prospect student clicks on your partner code and books to any of our available services, your unique partner code will be tracked in our system that we can use to produce the records and tag you as the agent responsible in acquiring the student/client.

Download this business proposal for you to review and guide on how to register as a Global Agent/Partner: 

To register as a Global Agent/Partner, kindly click this link

We look forward to the chance of working with you on this new opportunity.

Should you have questions or need clarifications, please do not hesitate to let us know thru our contacts below.

Email Address:

Phone1: +82-70-482-1832 (Seoul).

Registration Link for

Global Agents/Partners   Click Here!

Best Regards, 


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