Best French Courses – Top language schools in France!

The best and most efficient way of learning a foreign language is in the country where it is spoken like in France. So if you are thinking of learning French, come over to France as your destination and here are the Top Best Language Schools in France which offer French Courses:

Jardin Culturel

We Offer a variety of different courses and formats for any student wishing to study French abroad. We guarantee a relaxed atmosphere in a comfortable environment conducive to quality learning. Based mainly on the exchange and conversation, our method will help you grow, whatever your age, cultural background or your level of French!

USD 16 / per week price

Insted Chamonix Mont Blanc

Passionate about French? Passionate about the mountains? We offer you the perfect combination of both! Studying French at Insted not only means taking a language course, we offer a complete adventure in the heart of the French Alps. Whether you like skiing, climbing, hiking or mountain biking, Chamonix has it all. You will make friends for life whilst learning French in this stunning setting at the foot of Europe’s highest mountain the Mont Blanc.

USD 53 / per week price

Inflexyon – The French InterculturalCenter of Lyon

Inflexyon’s priority is to teach you French in the best possible conditions! Thanks to our small sized groups, the diversified range of subjects as well as the modern and innovative teaching material, Inflexyon guaranties an efficient learning process and a rapid progression. The intercultural exchanges and respect of individualities are ethical values that are dear to us and have helped Inflexyon become a unique intercultural center in Lyon, which welcomes hundreds of international students every year.

USD 106 / per week price

L’Atelier 9

L’Atelier 9 offers a great variety of cultural and language workshops to help you learn French in Paris in a natural way and come closer to the French culture. In small groups, students will be encouraged to participate actively to learn to speak French fluently and immerse themselves in the culture of the language. Choose the French course that best fits your needs and let us guide you through our French lessons in our typical Parisian apartment: the ideal set up to learn French in Paris.

USD 111 / per week price

Ecole Klesse Montpellier

Ecole Klesse, described as “one of the best language schools in France” by our accreditors, providing foreign language tuition of the highest standard. Ecole Klesse is located in the very centre of the vibrant city of Montpellier.” In Montpellier, there is something for everyone, whether it be cultural or sporting events, festivals or historical sites. Founded in 1965, Ecole Klesse was the first language school in Montpellier and therefore has a wealth of teaching experience. Ecole Klesse is well known for its programmes of linguistic immersion, suitable for both individuals and groups, and tailored to their particular level using a systematic free entry test.

USD 116 / per week price

A2B Immersions

A2B Immersions, located in the South of France, are the experts in immersion language teaching for adults and professionals. We guarantee that you will learn French through an intensive and effective framework of a cutting edge training course adapted to your needs and expectations. With A2B Immersions, you will experience a fast and effective method to improve your French. For a few days plunge yourself into the French language and culture: a combination of standard classes and linguistic workshops outside your place of residence. Find yourself in a friendly atmosphere, a perfect combination of efficiency and pleasure.

USD 125 / per week price


We provide first rate teaching in a warm and friendly study environment and an exciting social and cultural programme in the beautiful and historic region of Normandy. All our trainers are highly qualified and have many years experience teaching students from all over the world. They are here to help all our students get the maximum from their stay.

USD 153 / per week price

Alpha.B Institut Linguistique

Alpha.b is a family-run school under French/German management. Located in Nice, the capital of the French Riviera, we have chosen a lovely mansion in the very heart of the town to teach you French in the best conditions. Our leitmotif is “quality, open-mindedness and flexibility”. Whether you are a student, a business man, in your golden age or travelling as a family, we will have the right French language course and accommodation for you.

USD 174 / per week price

Alliance FrançaiseSaint-Malo

Nous proposons nos séjours linguistiques qui allient enseignement du Français Langue Étrangère (FLE) le matin et activités culturelles et sportives l’après-midi. Le tout dans un environnement chaleureux, convivial et balnéaire. Un programme idéal pour faire des progrès linguistiques rapidement et côtoyer les français et leur environnement pour de nouvelles rencontres. Nous serions ravis de faire découvrir à votre clientèle la Bretagne, cette très belle région, riche de par sa culture, son histoire et patrimoine et sa gastronomie.

USD 175 / per week price

Biarritz Language Courses Institute

B.L.C.I. is a school which offers trainings in French as a foreign language. We are situated in a quiet side street, a 10 minute walk from the town centre and beaches. Our teaching: our goal is to help learners achieve a good command of the language in all aspects of communication. We enrich their knowledge base with fun and practical activities; allowing them to develop both their oral and written skills. The teaching staff meets twice a week to monitor and personalize each student’s progress throughout their stay. Our teachers: teachers are university graduates FLE (diploma of French as a Foreign Language) and have significant teaching experience in France and abroad. Some of them have additional training in other sectors (foreign languages, communication, etc…).

USD 189 / per week price

Accent Français

Accent Français has been voted BEST FRENCH LANGUAGE SCHOOL since 2012 by the students and agencies and is accredited the French Quality Label of the Ministry of Education for its services and courses: general French, discovery and culture programs, Studies preparation courses, French and professional specialty courses, DELF DALF exam preparation, activities and excursions.

USD 249 / per week price


Actilangue was established in 1977 and it is registered as a private institute of higher education by the Ministry of National Education. The school building is located in a pleasant area full of cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques, in the heart of Nice close to the Hotel Negresco. The beach and the famous Promenade des Anglais are only a two minute walk away. A special feature of the Actilangue program is the emphasis on conversational French. Students in the intensive courses have either one or two lessons in small conversation groups.

USD 260 / per week price

Montpellier International LanguageInstitute (MILI)

MILI offers a unique learning environment with a diverse team of native teachers with an innovative and interactive pedagogy. At MILI, we emphasize the development of students’ oral communication through the use of highly interactive activities to eliminate the fear of speaking in public. MILI is one of the few language schools around the world that offer the use of iPads in class for all students and teachers. Our modern classrooms have been specially prepared to welcome up to 8 students in order for us to guarantee a successful learning experience for all of our students. MILI is eco responsible too. We are constantly adapting new processes and changing our ways to minimize our impact to the environment and we challenge all of our students to do the same.

USD 290 / per week price


ADEL PROVENCE, a school which offers trainings in French as foreign language , our school is situated in the very heart of Marseille, between the Old Port and beaches. We offer optimal learning conditions, comfortable classrooms as well as communal areas for break times. Classes are taught by qualified French native-speaking teachers with FLE diplomas, guaranteeing professional and personalized instruction which will enable you to develop your proficiency in the French language.

USD 338 / per week price

CiC – CampusInternational de Cannes

Founded in 1931 by the famous poet Paul Valery, the historic 11000 square metre campus, located right at the Mediterranean sea, is home to the CIC. We offer 15 different levels of French language and culture courses year-round. On-site accommodations, meals, excursion planning and all the infrastructure needed is located in one place. Come discover why Cannes is famous not only for the Film Festival, but the light, beautiful weather and wonderful traditions and hospitality.

USD 396 / per week price

BMA Biarritz School

BMA Biarritz French Language Institute is located in the heart of Biarritz. All places of interest, a wide range of boutiques and restaurants are just a few minutes on foot. BMA offers airy very well equipped: TV, video player, Internet, free WIFI. BMA Biarritz is and will remain a school in which students can fullfil their potential and each of them will be personally known to me. Cultural diversity and total immersion are guaranteed as the school has significant numbers of multinational students.

USD 405 / per week price

Planete Langues-Institut International

The Institut International de Rambouillet-Planete Langues is a language school located in Rambouillet, in the heart of Ile de France, only 30 kilometers from Paris by train. Specialized in French for foreigners since 1950, the school also proposes initiation to English, Spanish, German, Japanese and other languages. IIR organizes courses for all levels from beginner to advanced. Students can choose between General French courses: intensive, semi-intensive and special activities like cookery, horse riding, music, culture, golf…or a senior program. It is designed for individual clients and companies, as well as teachers. We welcome junior group as well as universities or special tours for adults all year long.We also offer exam preparation programs such as DELF and TCF as well as tailor-made French course. you want to learn french? we have the right solution for you.

USD 426 / per week price

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Learning a New Language: Worth Spending Money On

Foreign Languages

Survey shows that acquiring a new knowledge or skill is among the top 5 things your money is worth spending for.

Learning a new language gives benefits such as personal growth, communication power, work advantage, increased circle of friends and meeting new people, increased knowledge and understanding, going to places, stronger links, and better opportunities.

Language courses are not that cheap yet given the long list of advantages make spending great amount of money all worth it. However, it would be a greater advantage if courses come with extra packages, discounts, or special deals.

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Learn Languages is your pathway to a successful future!


foreign language is a language indigenous to another country. It is also a language not spoken in the native country of the person referred to, i.e., an English speaker living in Guam can say that Chamorro is a foreign language to him or her. These two characterizations do not exhaust the possible definitions, however, and the label is occasionally applied in ways that are variously misleading or factually inaccurate.

Some children learn more than one language from birth or from a very young age: they are bilingual or multilingual. These children can be said to have two, three or more mother tongues: neither language is foreign to that child, even if one language is a foreign language for the vast majority of people in the child’s birth country. For example, a child learning English from his English father and Irish at school in Ireland can speak both English and Irish, but neither is a foreign language to him. This is common in countries such as IndiaSouth Africa, or Canada due to these countries having multiple official languages.

In general, it is believed that children have advantage to learning a foreign language over adults. However, there are studies which have shown adult students are better at foreign language learning than child students. It is because adults have a superior ability of memorizing vocabulary which surely allows them to build vocabulary faster than children. And their pre-existing knowledge of language, not to mention that children’s knowledge of language is not as substantial as adults’.

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Taking a language course abroad may not be that easy so we enumerated things that would help you succeed in achieving your goal.

  • Go prepared mentally and financially.

Researching and reading helps in choosing the language course and country you want to study. Much knowledge of the language course and destination helps you make wise budgets such as cheaper or promo tickets, courses and accommodations. For great deals on language courses worldwide with or without accommodation, visit

  • Make sure to live with native speakers.

Exposure to how native speakers go with everyday life makes you learn the second language easily. Get into local TV shows and newspaper. Branch out and say yes to invites where you get to meet more people who speak the language you want to learn.

  • Keep a vocabulary book.

If you fall short of what to say or gets into trouble understanding what they say, you can still seek the help of that magic book.

  • Practice and use the language.

It does not matter if you feel like a fool trying hard to speak the language, you will earn from your mistakes. Be talkative. Be fearless. Be engaged.

  • Do not lose hope.

Stay positive and focus on your goal. Have fun learning and enjoy the trip abroad!

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09-02-15 GLOBE 4

FYI: French Language

French is among the 7,000 languages in the world.

French is among the six official languages of UN and is the 4th Sexiest Accent in the world yet hailed as the most Romantic Language at present.

French has more than a million words and 20,000 new ones are created each year. However, aside from borrowed words, the French language has no words with letter “W”. Nevertheless, it managed to have 13 ways to spell the sound “o”.

Amazing isn’t it? What more can convince you to study such wonderful language?

To view French Language courses world-wide visit www.

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Foreign Language…Anyone?!?!

Hey you! Yes you! If given a chance, which foreign language would you want to learn?

Wanting to learn a foreign language opens various opportunities. It could help you land on a job abroad. It could be a chance to travel overseas. It could be a way to communicate with family and friends. It could enrich the drive to acquire a skill that leads to personal growth and one that will broaden your knowledge that could further lead to more and better opportunities.

If you are interested to enroll in a foreign language school, you may register at and explore the various Language Courses found here and abroad.

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8 Enthralling Reasons on Why to Visit Ireland!

Ireland is a beloved country worldwide because of its rich history and it gives you a first hand experience with enchanting and magical places.  At the same time, you get to understand their state-of-the-art culture. If you like traveling, Ireland is a can’t-miss country! Voted by Frommers Guide readers in 2011 as their favorite holiday destination in the world, it’s now your turn to uncover the mystique and charm of the ‘Emerald Isle’.

  1. Their Prolific History and Culture “Castles Are Everywhere!”

-The thing about Ireland is that everywhere you go, you can find castles. If you are fond of history, Kings and Princesses & Dungeons and Dragons, Ireland is the perfect place for you to visit castles. There are 340 castles that can be found in Ireland. Wow!


  1. The People

-When you go to Ireland, you’ll get a warm welcome from the people there. They are very friendly, interesting, outgoing and super fun. You can easily engage in conversations with them and at the same time make new friends.


  1. St. Patrick’s Day and many more holidays!

-Wanna party? So do the people in Ireland. Every year they have over 400 festivals and one of the most anticipated festivals in Ireland is the worldwide celebration of the St. Patrick’s Day. Parades, expressive costumes, street theatres, and a lively carnival atmosphere will leave you wanting for more.

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  1. Experience the Pub Culture

-Guinness is one of the finest beverages on Earth. That’s why 10 million glasses are sold every day around the world, making for over 850 million litres sold a year — enough to fill 340 Olympic-sized swimming pools with foamy deliciousness. So when you arrive in Ireland, don’t miss the chance to experience this world famous drink.

discounted accommodations

  1. Dublin

– Who wouldn’t want to visit this beautiful city? A bustling metropolis alive with entertaining cultural pursuits, fine museums, beautiful architecture and lively pubs. Dublin offers something for everyone.


  1. The Beaches

-And if you are planning to visit around summer time, Ireland will give you an experience of a lifetime with their beautiful beaches. A tasty drink under the sun would be perfect.


  1. The Giant Causeway

-One of the wondrous work of nature that you can find when visiting Ireland is the Giant Causeway that can be found in the Northern part. This Giant Causeway has an area of 400,000 basalt columns. Yes, you read it right. 400,000 columns of basalt! In Ireland legends it’s been said that Finn McCool, a beloved Irish giant, built the causeway to pick a fight with a Scottish giant. But sciencetists says that they were actually formed by an ancient volcanic eruption.


  1. Food! Food! Food!

-Others would say that Irish food is only based on potatoes (everyone’s favorite), think again. Traditional dishes such as Irish stew, soda bread, farmhouse cheese, and colcannon (cabbage/kale and potatoes) are still on the menu plus, the new wave of Irish cooking focuses on fresh, locally grown ingredients and the catch of the day.


After reading this exciting facts about Ireland, I know that you are now looking forward to experience their beautiful country and copious culture. But, if you’re having a problem looking for an accommodation or a place to stay,not a problem! regularly offers language courses and accommodation services discounted up to 35~50%. Our accredited schools and accommodation providers offer different promotions such as FREE admission and group and long-stay rates.

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More Reasons on Why You should visit Ireland. Here!
10 Great Reasons To Visit Co Clare In The West Of Ireland

Two Languages Are Better than One

“One Language Sets You in a Corridor for Life. Two Languages Open Every Door along the Way.”-Frank Smith

It takes time to learn something new. Learning your first language was just the beginning and trying to learn a second language takes time and dedication. But being able to learn and speak a second language can put you to a different world of knowledge, culture and tradition. You will not only learn about another country’s history, customs, tradition, and food, but you are also going to learn how to love them since you know their language and you can communicate with them.  The skill to speak more than one language is more than just a social advantage; it improves cognitive skills and fights certain mental diseases. Other than that, learning a second language does not only boost your self confidence, but it can also open you up to more job opportunities from companies who are looking for people who can communicate with foreign clients and can bridge the cultural gap between them.

Now, if you are planning on learning your second language, but is still hesitant because it’s too expensive, it’s not a problem! will help you with that! is your one stop site for booking language courses and/or accommodations worldwide. Our services cater to the learner’s desire to easily find and book language courses and accommodations at the best prices available.

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  SPARKLE AND SHIMMER – French Language Academy

1) Course Type:                       General French + Conversation
• Lessons per week:                 5
• Payment Policy:                    100% down payment upon Arrival
• Price for 8 weeks per student: US $ 202

★ L’Atelier 9

1) Course Type:                      General French + Conversation
• Lessons per week:               10
• Payment Policy:                   0% down payment upon Arrival
• Inclusions                             Free School Admin, materials included
• Price for 1 week per student: US $ 296.65

2) Course Type:                     General French
• Lessons per week:               20
• Payment Policy:                  0% down payment upon Arrival
• Inclusions:                           Free School Admin, materials included
• Miscellaneous discount:       Course material included in the price
• Price for 1 week per student: US $ 296.65

★ LSFMontpellier

1) Course Type:                     General French
• Lessons per week:               20
• Payment Policy:                  30% down, balance due upon Arrival
• Inclusions:                           Materials Included
• Long Stay Discount:             5% (3 weeks or more)
• Price for 1 week per student: US $ 531.73


1) Course Type:            Miscellaneous-French intensive course conversation spoken comprehension
• Lessons per week:      20
• Payment Policy:         40% down, balance due upon Arrival
• Inclusions:                  Materials Included, Free school Admin
• Long Stay Discount:    10% (3 weeks or more)
• Price for 1 week per student: US $ 525.66


1) Course Type:                 French Vacation Camp
• Lessons per week:          15
• Payment Policy:              0% down payment upon Arrival
• Inclusions:                      Materials Included
• Price for 1 week per student: US $ 3,074.15

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Disclosure: Prices may be change due to exchange rates.

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Adventures Are The Best Way To Learn

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”
-Augustine of hippo

Everyone dreams to travel around the globe someday. Who wouldn’t, right? Travelling can be the most marvelous, exciting and exhilarating part of one’s life. Yes, it can cost too much, but nevertheless the things that you’re going to discover and the memories that you are going to make from your experiences would be all worth it!

So, don’t stress yourself about the cost and just simply make it work. As what they say, “You can always make money but you can’t always make memories”.

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Yes, traveling can be luxurious, but in it’s not a problem! is the easiest way to book your accommodations abroad. We offer the best prices and service as well as the best accommodations. Our prices will NEVER be higher than the accommodation’s original prices and will often be lower due to exclusive discounts. We carefully screen all of our providers to give you the best quality, service, and safety, as well as an affordable and enjoyable experience.

Here is the list of biggest discounted accommodations worldwide:

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■ Prestige Apartment Zagreb

1) Room Type: Double
• Accommodation Type: Apartment
• Maximum Guests: 1
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■ Blue Veranda Suites

1) Room Type: Double
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2) Room Type: Deluxe Room
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• Payment Policy: 0% down balance due upon arrival
• General Discount: 20%
• Price per Night/Guest: US $ 156.77
• Discounted Price: US $ 131.07

■ NYC Guesthouse

1) Room Type: 4 bed dorm
• Accommodation Type: Student residence
• Maximum Guests: 1
• Inclusions: Shared Bathroom, FREE WiFi Access, Use of Kitchen Only, Deposit (150 USD), Long stay Discount
• Payment Policy: 20% down balance due upon arrival
• General Discount: 25%
• Price 30 Night/Guest: US $ 750
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